৲Partnership 🤝🏾
৲Partnership 🤝🏾

৲Partnership 🤝🏾


Business is better if we have partners in this journey. Partner who brings skills and insight we do not have ourselves.

We advocate for partners with strong alignment: same vision, same why, same north star.
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the partnership 🤝🏽

Here is the developing framework to partnership:
Partner with us.
We are partnering with a small, select group of businesses to provide all or some of the following Value Items. The aim is to get a better website and web presence for your business — and, for us, a better understanding of your needs/wants as our partner, your needs as part of the business community, and the needs of your customers/guests/clients.
Our partnership has to start with perspective. .
Any of the Value Items below 👇🏼 Generally, we like to start from a user/customer perspective and work our way down to Growth.
Partner with others (not us).
We also want to provide you with others who do the same quality work, if not better.
We only work with a small group of clients at a time.
Q: Why the pompous attitude "small, select group of restaurants"?
A: Yeah, that does sound a bit dicky. 😆 Not are intention. Here is the deal: We do not intend to sell web design services or hands-on technical services at all. But we do want to learn with (and from) a few good partners with whom we work closely. Then take the learnings and share them with the larger community. Hope that clears that up.

Value Items 💎

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